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The Anderson Pioneer Store was the first store in Sebeka.(pictured below) Before this time settlers had to buy their goods in Wadena or New York Mills (a three-day trip by foot or oxen).

Anderson Store

By 1891, Sebeka had a sawmill, a general store, and a large log hotel. As more people settled here the hotel became a popular meeting place. The hotel was lost in a fire sometime early in the 20th century.

In the last 100 years Sebeka has seen the population go from 233 in 1900 to its high in 1960 with 818. The 2010 Census estimates Sebeka to be 711.

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Sebeka Historical Society

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Jefferson Highway:

Historic Jefferson Highway runs through Sebeka

The Jefferson Highway was an automobile highway stretching through the central United States from New Orleans, Louisiana, to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. The Jefferson Highway was replaced with the new numbered US Highway system in the late 1920s. Portions of the highway are still named Jefferson Highway, for example, the portions that run through Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana, Osseo, Minnesota, Wadena, Minnesota and Sebeka, Minnesota.

It was built in the 1910s as part of the National Auto Trail system.

The Jefferson Highway was inspired by the east/west Lincoln Highway. It was nicknamed the "Palm to Pine Highway", for the varying types of trees found at either end.

There is no Historic mention of the Highway in Sebeka, except for the Jefferson Avenue street signs.

street sign

We should have one of these....

street sign

Instead we have this.